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BIGGSTARS APP, developed by BIGGLOYALTY and used in purpose of EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION and REWARDING by the corporate companies, now works integrated with MICROSOFT TEAMS software.

Thus EMPLOYEES using Microsoft will be able to use BIGGSTARS software over MICROSOFT TEAMS directly without making any platform changes in web and desktop applications.

BIGGSTARS can be accessed through the MICROSOFT TEAMS application. For this, please go to MICROSOFT TEAMS applications section and install the application by typing BIGGTEAMS in the SEARCH section.

Recently, the requirement for the transfer of communication to digital platforms has increased in the corporate business world. Internal communication and meetings, interviews and meetings that should be conducted outside the company are now carried out on digital platforms. Microsoft Teams has been one of the best platforms that responds to this need of users. Apart from chat and video calls on Microsft Teams, there are many add-on applications that supply the daily needs in business life. BiggTeams integrates with this platform and brings a new convenience to users’ lives.