The Importance of Rewarding in the Loyalty Programs

Rewarding, which is an essential part of the loyalty programs and which can be included into applications in various forms, provides advantage in many ways by creating motivation on the audience for whom loyalty wants to be created. Rewarding, being a significant tool to reach the goals, increases the loyalty of the end users’, employees’, dealers’ and agencies’ in the sales channel by strengthening the communication and providing an emotional connection with the brand or the company. Having close ties in between, rewarding, motivation and loyalty can’t be thought separately; thus, the reward points project should be operated by setting up a balance between these pillars to reach the aspired results easily.

If target audience’s wants, the gift they like, the products they need more are known, a more accurate rewarding system can be established. In order to use the data which is very valuable in the loyalty programs, the customers, dearlers, employees or whoever the target audience is should be tracked in every platform and the analysis and its interpretation should be made successfully. Everybody likes to receive gifts and to be awarded but the more accurate this rewarding is made, the longer and more valuable the loyalty acquired from the loyalty activities is. It is very important to leave the loyalty programs to professional hands since encountering with distinguished and high quality products, seeing a rich product group and finding different travelling and education experiences in the rewarding sites will leave a positive impression on the other side of the mirror.

Having an experience and a valuable know-how since 1999, Biggloyalty, stands out in both mobile and web platforms with the reward point sites that are a part of loyalty programs towards the end users, dealers and employees. With a product diversity of 25.000 products in 30 categories and 850 brands, it is possible to find any needs from kitchen appliances to bicycles, watches, mobile accessories, cosmetics and electronic products in Biggrewards and Biggymobile.

Providing a unique system of end user rewarding, employee rewarding, dealer rewarding with digital gift cards, design collections, travel and experience sections, Biggloyalty, builds reward point sites customizable according to the companies’ demands. Loyalty programs and rewarding which create loyal customers, employees, dealers; motivate them, increase sales, provide competition superiority, organize sales channels, create brand loyalty, help strategy development, fulfill goals, are the common meeting point for all successful companies with their benefits.