Ways to feel good at work

Many people are counting hours while they are at work, working to see their salary at the end of the month.

Increasing competition, increased workload, expecting workload from one person instead of from few people, negative communication style, toxic corporate culture, bad manager, goals, time pressure, work life can be the main stress in many people’s life. However, it is possible to feel good at work despite all these stress factors. If others are not trying to make you happy, you will be the only one who can save you.

The brain has a design that will stimulate your emotions when you do imagination. According to Dr.Tchiki Davis’s article in Psychology Today, it is highly likely that your brain cannot distinguish how much of the picture you envision when you imagine it or how much of it is now. For this reason, you can try the active imagery method to increase your positive emotions. The same neural process takes place when we make empathy. When you imagine the good times in the future, you are actually empathizing with yourself.

In a study conducted at Berkeley, participants were asked to imagine four positive emotions when they were in various situations for 14 days. For example, they imagined that they had eaten a very tasty meal or were hired by the company they wanted. As a result of the study, it was observed that the group who had positive dreams increased their happiness levels compared to those who had negative dreams and did not dream. To imagine that your manager has given you a high performance rating or you got a pay raise, you will receive exactly the signals we want in your brain.Here are 3 suggestions to make you feel good at work using the power of dreaming:

Here are 3 suggestions to make you feel good at work using the power of dreaming:

Start Dreaming Early in the Day

How would it be to start the day by imagining the best version of the day? For example, if you’re nervous about the presentation you will make that morning, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and imagine the presentation is great. When the presentation is finished, everyone looks at you with admiration. You are the master of your subject and have provided satisfactory answers to all questions. How would you feel? Focus on feeling the answer to this question and even smile and send and reinforce the signal that your brain is doing well.

Start by Imagining Positive Results for Every Job

Give yourself for the last 5 minutes to dream before your meeting with your manager or the customer interview. If you can’t do this in a quiet environment, you can try the toilet. Imagine your conversation with the other person. Suppose you have the most positive and inspiring dialogue for you and the person in front of you. What would you feel at that moment, what would be the shape of your face, would you be tense or lightened? At the end of 5 minutes you can be sure that you will have a better feeling.

Close the Day with the Positive Imagination of the Next Day

Imagine how beautiful the next day will be before you go to sleep every night. The general habit is remembering the negative situations of that day or being sleepless by remembering the possible stress factors the next day. The opposite is what you need to do. Use your imagination. For example, imagine that tomorrow your office will be filled with the most beautiful toys of your childhood and you will have a big portion of your favorite food at lunch.

Such dreams may seem childish or even silly because you are in the world of adults. Let yourself stop to judge yourself and be happy. If it is possible to increase your level of happiness with these small steps, isn’t it worth trying?